Curriculum Vitæ - Ministerial Version

Personal Kerygma

"We are not benefactors bestowing a privilege, but debtors discharging an obligation".
As St Paul says in his letter to the Romans, in chapter 1: I am bound both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish. That is why I am so eager to preach the gospel also to you …

Therefore to me there is only one message - "God sent his only son, Jesus, into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved." In St John's Gospel chapter 3: For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
Again in chapter 4: This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

Trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit, I pray that my message is to preach a Risen Saviour, Christ the Lord, who was born, lived, died and rose to life everlasting for us.

From the moment that we were conceived in our mother's womb, God is with us. A deep unquenchable fire in the centre of our very being, waiting for us to open ourselves and surrender to his love and to accept him as our loving Saviour.

Personal details

Date of Birth 23rd December 1941 in a private dwelling house in Spalding, and Baptised three weeks later on 12th January 1942 at the parish church of St John the Baptist Spalding.
Marital history Met (Ruth) Christine on 29th April 1955, become engaged on 23rd December 1962, and married at the parish church of St Mary & St Nicolas Spalding on 25th March 1963. Our daughter (Frances) Clare was born on 30th June 1974. Chris and I remain happily married.
Property We have lived at the address shown above for 36 years. Prior to that we lived in a small semi-detached house, then a small bungalow.
Secular life I have worked in a variety of different businesses ranging from small 'one man concerns', to a large national engineering company. My life experiences include routine office work, payroll, office management, and accounting systems. For a short while I ran my own business as a jobbing printer after spending seven years with a national agricultural society setting up and running their publicity department. After the printing company, I moved into selling and worked for a large multi depot Office Equipment company before settling into first computer and telephone sales, then computer systems management. Finally I have settled into Quality Management with the same computer software house that I was invited to join in 1987. My experiences with computers, operating systems and application software is substantial, and I have trained end users in a variety of database systems and other software packages. A separate CV is available that describes these in un-ending detail!
Academic achievements Educated at Spalding Parish Church Day School from 1946 to 1952, then at Spalding Grammar School until 1958. Left school with two GCE 'O' levels in English Language and Mathematics. Continued education at evening classes studying Book-keeping, gained RSA certificate in this subject. Attended several residential training courses amongst them one in Youth Leadership at Sheffield, and one in Selling Skills at Rank Xerox H.Q. at Newport Pagnall. Considerable self study in computer technologies, mainly operating systems, applications and internet mark-up language (HTML), over several years. Applied for and gained a place in August 1995 at the 'East Midlands Ministry Training Course' (a non-residential training course) affiliated with Nottingham University, studying Theology and Pastoral Studies. Gained Nottingham University's Diploma in 'Theology and Pastoral Studies' in July 1998.

Ministry activities

1998-2002 Non Stipendiary Parish Ministry During almost 4 years formal ministry at St Mary & St Nicolas I have played as full a part as possible in this busy market town parish (population 8,000) with three other colleagues (Incumbent: Tim Barker, assistant priest: Jay Bower, and half-time assistant priest: Rosamund Seal). My first year (as Deacon) was with the Incumbent only until my other colleagues joined the team.
Normal Sunday services include three morning Eucharists (one said and two sung), and Sung evensong. Afternoon baptisms once or twice a month, occasionally Baptism in the context of the Eucharist.
Actively involved with Eucharistic Presidency (Common Worship and Book of Common Prayer) and preaching both in the local church and in several other churches in the district during their interregna. Officiate regularly at Choral Evensong. I take part in the occasional offices - Baptism and Wedding, and Funeral ministry and their related pastoral visits.
Have led Wedding Preparation groups for two years - opportunities for wedding couples to meet together informally before marriage for light teaching.
Involved with ecumenical project through Taizé spirituality opportunities leading Taizé Prayer for over 10 years.
Have been pastorally involved with the diocesan Deaf Church in a caretaker role for a 10 month period looking after regular deaf Eucharistic services.
Various other responsibilities on PCC and other church and social concern committees including homelessness - a particular concern of mine.
Have a long connection with the Society of St Francis (my Spiritual Director is a Franciscan Brother) - have been investigating membership of the Third Order (TSSF), but have decided to continue without this for the present.
Have written and continue to maintain comprehensive church website on a regular basis. See -
Continuing Ministerial Education: The first three years of minstry were supplemented by CME which involved me in a small local group of colleagues which included deacons and priests in their first three years. This enabled a degree of cross ferilisation of ideas and thoughts and was well worthwhile.
In addition to these regular meetings (about 4 or 5 a year) we met as a diocesan group about three times a year. Each year had a major event covering different aspects of minstry. Mission and Outreach, Ministry in and to Church Schools, Ministry formation, Understanding of other denominations (incuded in a stay in the English Convent at Brugges, Belgium), were among some of the subjects covered. Because of my full-time secular employment other major opportunities for additional training have not been possible.
1999 Ordination to the Priesthood Ordained Priest in Lincoln Cathedral on 3 October by David, Bishop of Grimsby

1998 to date First Title - Licensed to work in parochial ministry in Spalding (see above) at the Church of St Mary & St Nicolas

1998 Ordination to the Deaconate Ordained Deacon in Lincoln Cathedral on 4 October by Alastair, Bishop of Grantham.
1995-1998 Ministry Training Three years non residential training with the East Midlands Ministry Training Course, run under the auspices of Nottingham University. Awarded a Diploma in Theological and Pastoral Studies with Nottingham University.
1995 Acceptance Conference Three day Advisory Board of Ministry conference for acceptance into a ministry training scheme.
After receiving God's call to ministry, spent 18 months in preparation for formal ministry training being tutored back into essay writing.
April 1993
Call to ministry
After many years of 'turning God down' finally accepted a call to formal ministry.

Ministry philosophy

Theology My theology is Liberal, and if anything, slightly erring to Radical rather than Orthodox.
(Orthodox = traditional; Liberal = Western [European], emerging since the 'enlightenment'; Radical = Most recent, but also ancient - New Testament theology: Liberation, Political, Feminist etc.)
In today's church this affects my understanding and approach to my whole approach to ministry - see below for some specifics.
Infant Baptism: With a policy of open baptism, I understand that a request for baptism, though perhaps not understood as such by the family, is a reaching out in faith - no matter how tenuous - and a seeking to be part of Christ's family of the church, of the local church community. This may not necessarily be the understanding of the parents, but the deep-seated need to have little Annabelle 'done' is, I think, a part of their questioning about religion. My place is to ensure that their request is honoured, where possible, whilst giving them the opportunity to understand their own reasons, and how this is part of Christ's will for them.

With a less 'open policy' I would be more in favour of extending the learning opportunities of those seeking the sacrament, or at least those who would act as sponsors to the infants concerned.
Children and Communion: A baptised person has received the gift of God's Holy Spirit independent of their own understanding, i.e independent of the age of reception. Confirmation is a personal act of ownership and acceptance about decisions made on the baptised person's behalf by parents and/or sponsors; a CONFIRMation in deed and word. The gift of the Holy Spirit received in infant (and adult) baptism is the same as that received by Christ himself as he was baptised by John 'This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased'.

The receiving of Communion - the greatest gift of the incarnate God through Jesus Christ - is not necessarily dependent on being confirmed, a (young) baptised person has already been received into the church through baptismal vows made on their behalf. However, a basic understanding of the Eucharist is essential - which can be achieved through the necessary focussed training.
Marriage after divorce: 'Let no man put asunder' - words from the Common Worship Marriage Service - and of course from scripture. Words that would seem to deny the prospect of further lifelong partnership in God's eyes if things go wrong. We are human beings and are fallible; God loves each one of us, is in fact within each one of us, so understands our successes and failures. However, it is clear from scripture that Jesus wants us to try and live by his word. In this it is only through our seeking forgiveness for past wrongs, and then our intentions to try and do better that enable us to move forward. A Marriage ending in divorce is seen as a marriage failed - obvious - but the reasons for this happening are diverse and these must seen, discussed and understood in the light of God's parental, sometimes chiding, love and care for us before the intention of lifelong marriage can be considered again.
Liturgy: Worship is the continual enactment of praise and prayer to our creator. We join in this continual act of worship (which never ceases) through our own liturgies. Our acts of praise, offering and remembrance (anamnesis) at the Eucharist in particular are where we meet as His family and receive His gifts of bread and wine. Eucharistic vestments, worn with reverence and care, enhance our liturgies and places the President (officiant) in a 'place apart' during the liturgy so that he/she may lead God's people in the most deep-seated of all our feelings - the engagement with, and immersion in, heaven's continual worship of the God the Holy Trinity.
General: My particular churchmanship is what I can only describe as liberal catholic (with both a small 'l' and a small 'c'). I respect, admire, and hold, to the position of tradition within the Anglican Church whilst ever looking forward and outward.
Christ's message is for all who want to hear it, and it is the duty of every Christian (the whole priesthood of God), not just the ordained minister, to ensure that this happens. In this respect my role as minister is to uphold, teach, enable, and support.
I also see the place within the boundaries of the church to provide opportunities to search beyond oneself. By this I mean the opportunities to use alternative liturgies - seeking God, for example, through the beauty of silence and chant of Taizé worship, or through the use of Celtic prayer as used in Iona or similar communities.

Personal details (continued)

Hobbies and Interests I am a Christian and prior to ordination as Deacon (1998) and then Priest (1999) I was an active member of Spalding Parish Church. I was involved in the life of the Church in Spalding (but see separate section on ordained ministry). Other interests include music, singing, walking, and photography. Have been at various times chairman, treasurer and secretary of a number of committees (though not all at the same time!). At one time Commanding Officer of the local company of Church Lads' and Church Girls' Brigade (also having been a member of the National Brigade Council for 3 years), retired from active work within the Brigade in 1983 after 27 years service.
Very interested in all aspects of computer work, especially in application fields (Word Processing, Design, Imaging, Internet, WWW, etc.)
Felt called by God in April 1993 to serve Him in ordained ministry. Undertook considerable pre-selection training with personal tutor in preparation for formal training when accepted.
Took part in Advisory Board of Ministry Bishop's Selection Conference in June 1995 and was recommended for training, with the possibility of being ordained to non-stipendiary ministry.
Completed a three year diploma course in Theology and Pastoral Studies with the East Midlands Ministry Training Course based at Nottingham University. Ordained Deacon in the Church of England on 4 October 1998, and ordained Priest on 3 October 1999. Serve as a Non Stipendiary Curate in the parish of St Mary & St Nicolas Spalding. See separate ministry section (page 7) for fuller details.
Myers Briggs temperament type - ISFJ, (last tested summer of 1996)

Voluntary work prior to Ordination

Altar Serving Commenced Altar Serving in the early 1970s, retired as head server (1993) with a team of 20 servers.
Musical ability Sung in church choir from the age of 11 through to 21, finishing as Tenor. Founder member of the singing group the "St Mary Singers" in 1983. Currently (2002) have 15 members. Most generally singing modern church music, helping to lead the 9:30am contemporary language (CW) Eucharist. The group also sing at many "outside events" and at other churches, including local Methodist and Baptist church events. Other personal singing opportunities include one off events such as:
  • (1993) Sang the part of Peter in "Saints Alive!"
  • (1994) Sang the part of Peter in "The Witness"
  • (1995) Sang the part of Jairus in "Jairus' Daughter"

Drama Have been involved in numerous dramatic events in and outside of the church. These have included (but not limited to):
  • (1981) Produced: "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat" (youth theatre)
  • (1984) Co-produced: Church's 700th Anniversary Pageant "If these stones could only speak"
  • (1986) Produced: "The Way of the Cross" (multiple centre street theatre)
  • (1989) Produced: "Antshillvania" (youth theatre)
  • (1991) Produced: "The Way of the Cross" (multiple centre street theatre)
  • (1992) Produced: "Kids' Praise!" (youth theatre)
  • (1993) Took part in: "Mystery Plays"

Taizé Prayer Since 1987 have arranged monthly Taizé Prayer events in different churches and cathedrals in the area. Have visited Taizé five times, the last being in May 1995.
Miscellany Have taken part in: Bishops Certificate, Open Door Retreat, local and national Mission Outreach Programmes (Billy Graham style events), and numerous Retreats and Quiet Days.

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