Yes, I really mean it - you are welcome. Welcome to get to know me a little through the medium of these pages. If the World Wide Web has done nothing else (and I know it's done plenty - not all of it to the good of mankind) it's given those with the opportunity, will and (I suppose) flair, to tell the world a bit about ourselves. If you're an avid 'surfer' no doubt you've seen it all before, but from my perspective this is my '15 minutes of fame', because you're looking at my pages!

Who am I?

Well that's the aim of these pages where I will share with the world just a little about what makes 'John Bruce' tick. I have much the same hopes and dreams as any other 'Mr Average' so you will find nothing startling on these pages, but perhaps there's something that will be of interest to you, and who knows, it may spark you into 'doing your own thing' on the web!

'Digger' in a Nutshell

Who's 'Digger' I hear you mutter? You'll find that a bit further on in these pages, but suffice it to say that my initials are 'JCB' (no, I have nothing to do with that company that sells earth movers), and my main interests can be found here.

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