Hobbies and Interests

I have a number of different interests, but only a few of them actually make 'hobby' status simply due to a lack of time in which I have to enjoy them.

However, I think I could list the following as 'interests':

There's other things that haven't made it to these pages yet, such as ...

  • Fell walking in Derbyshire and the Lakes - something that we want to get back to once life slows down a bit!
  • Reading (Fantasy, Murder Mystery, Biography, Travel, Computer Technologies, and Theology of course ...)
  • Listening to music - most types except opera or the latest 'top ten'
  • Model Railways ('N' gauge) - again, this is waiting until retirement
  • DIY - not only because it's cheaper, it's also quite therapeutic as well.

The two that actually make 'hobby' status are photography - in particular digital photography, and working with web pages. Reading comes a close third, and music, well music takes no time at all does it - it's just good to relax to.

Model Railways continue to draw me to them, not because I am a fanatic about railways generally, I supose it's the modelling side rather than the actual running of them. Perhaps when I retire I'll be able to spend the time that's needed to really enjoy this. Until then, it's back to the web site and the reading...