White Poppies for Peace @ JOHNSPLACE

Each year (usually around October/November), I let a few of my friends know that I have a some White Poppies for Peace. But I thought I would spread the news a bit further afield as there is now much more interest in the movement, and in showing that you care. So much so that in 2001 the Peace Pledge Union actually ran out of supplies in late October. But I still have a good supply.

What is a "White Poppy for Peace" you may rightly ask? Well ...

To wear one
is to remember the victims of all wars on all sides
the dead, the crippled, the refugees,
and those left to grieve.

To remember the 20 million killed,
many by weapons made in Britain,
during the last 50 years of 'peace'

To remember that the same values
which maintain Britain's vast military budget
also accepts high unemployment,
poor housing and the need for charity
rather than effective public provisions
for those in need.

Not just my words as you can see from below, but words supplied by the "Peace Pledge Union" who make available these "White Peace Poppies"



If you would like a poppy to wear either on its own, or side by side with the Red Poppy (as I do), please e-mail me and I will send you one for just UKP 1.00.

If you want one sending outside of the UK, I may have to charge a little more for postage, certainly no more than an additional UKP 2.00 (USD $5 in total), but please make sure you include your full postal address in the body of the e-mail.