Our Photo Album

Photography has always one of my hobbies, right from the days of the little 'Box Brownie' camera in the early 50's. I managed to save up enough money for my first SLR camera - the name escapes me right now - but it was good at the time. I had my own darkroom in the loft for a number of years, but when colour photography became popular and inexpensive I sold all my gear and started using 'Boots' (the chemists that is) and a photograph processor up in Scarborough!

I still have a couple of Canon cameras - one is an SLR with several spare lenses, and the other is a compact 'aim and click' type, but my main interest now is in digital photography and I tend to use my Kodak 640 almost exclusively.

I have published a number of my photographs, both from my early B&W days and from my more recent efforts with the 'Canons' and the 'Kodak'. I will continue to add photos to my album as time goes by - enjoy!

I have just completed a new part of my site (with a lot of help from Chris Milner who wrote all the 'php' stuff) which means I can now easily put my photos online. Take a look at the new "Online Photo Album"

I also use Paint Shop Pro 7 (Anniversary Edition) which has a nice utility that creates web enabled photo albums as well, so if you want to see what PSP can do for you, take a look at these links:

Let me know what you think ...