The Pocket PC

I have been using a Pocket PC since February 2002, before that I used a Handpspring (with the Palm OS), and before that a Psion handheld computer.

The particular model that I have at present is a Toshiba EM500 with an additional 128Mb Storage card. It stores all my contacts (almost 1,000 of them), my appointments that I synchronise daily with MS Outlook, and any number of different utilities that make life easier to handle, including the complete NRSV Bible, and the Microsoft Reader application.

It wouldn't be the first time that I've started writing a sermon on my PPC while waiting about for a train, or whatever; writing notes at a meeting - a cinch; sending and receiving e-mails via the infra-red port through my mobile phone; and as for playing Solitaire, well ...

I would recommend anyone seeking a handheld device to seriously consider the Pocket PC, and especially now there is a Pocket PC 2003, but I've got to save up for that!