Web Design

I have been fascinated with 'all things web' since about 1993 and have tried to grapple with the various technologies involved over the years. I have managed to tuck 'html' securely under my belt, but some of the newer technologies have alluded me.

Try as I might, I just don't seem to have the ability to learn programming languages, perhaps I'm not logical enough. When I see the various languages in use - perl, asp, php, etc. I can follow, to a degree, what is happening, but try as I might, I have yet to write my very own successful web application. But when one works in the industry alongside programmers, and one's daughter is engaged to be married to a brilliant web designer, one doesn't need to, does one!

I have been involved with a number of different websites over the years having written just a few ...

Plus a number of smaller sites, and of course the one your viewing right now!