The Bruce Family

This is a very simplified table of relationships, if you want anything more you're going to have to e-mail me!

     Cyril Wilfred Bruce [B:??/04/1898 D:??/05/1964]
          Ivy Clow [B:10/05/1894 D:??/??/1972]
  Cyril Wilfred George Bruce [B:25/3/1918 D:25/07/2001]
        Doris Mary Earl (B:30/09/1917 D:21/08/1993)
       John Cyril Bruce [B:23/12/1941], David Ian Bruce [B:28/06/1947]
     Ruth Christine DeCamps 
      Frances Clare Bruce [B:30/06/1974]

The DeCamps Family

    Charles Frederick DeCamps [B:??/??/18?? D:20/02/1918]
      Alice Mary Mayfield [B:17/02/18?? D:01/03/1963]     
    Charles Allen DeCamps [B:12/02/1906 D:19/01/1973]
      Ruth Naomi Plummer [B:24/01/1912]  
    Ruth Christine DeCamps [B:08/03/1942]