My Working Life

Over the years I have worked for many different companies and gained many different skills. I started out as an articled clerk in an accountants office earning the grand sum of ten shillings (that's 50p in decimal currency) a week! I managed to last about four weeks there before I managed to multiply my salary (!) eight times.

Since those heady days in the mid fifties (the nineteen fifties that is) I have worked for some dozen different companies, spending the longest time with my current employer - Estate Computer Systems Ltd (a Property Management Software House), having worked for them for just over 12 years (in two stints). My job is as their Quality Manager and I have been working in that role since 1993.

Over the years I have worked in many different roles including an accounts clerk, a payroll clerk, a general office bod, and an office manager. In the early seventies I took a job with the East of England Agricultural Society responsible for the production of their Annual Show Catalogue, and I must admit, one of the most fascinating jobs of all. Whilst there I introduced an in-house printing department taking care of a great part of the society's print requirements. This involvement with printing opened a new vista for me and I left the Society to setup a printing company with a colleague.

Things didn't work out well with the partnership and after a couple of years of the print trade I went into selling office equipment. This was a totally new experience which was a very interesting time in my life. I moved on to selling telephone systems and then onto computer systems - all of this in the early eighties. Whilst with this company, it was sold onto another computer company, and so I came to be with Estate Computer Systems Ltd! After a short period away from ECS working for a local training company I returned to ECS where I have been ever since.

In 1995, while still at ECS, I commenced training for ministry with the East Midlands Ministry Training Course, and in October 1998 I was ordained a Deacon in the Church of England, followed in 1999 by being ordained as a Priest. So I am what is currently called a Non Stipendiary Minister (NSM), but that rather negative descriptive title may change if the General Synod of the Church of England and the Archbishop's Council agree. But more of my ministry training and work can be found here.