The Bruce Family

Christine and I met up on St George's Day in 1957 - wow! that's almost 50 years ago! We were both in uniform on that day having just been on a St George's Day Parade - she in her Guide outfit and me in my Church Lads' Brigade outfit, uniforms obviously must have had an effect on us!

Well, suffice it to say, we are still together having married in 1963, and our daughter Clare was born in 1974. She now lives very happily in South Woodford (London NE) with her partner Chris Milner. Both of them work in IT, Clare with an IT Training Company and Chris as Web Designer for London City Airport.

John's parents, Cyril and Doris have now died, having lived most of their lives in Spalding except for a short time during the war when they (and me) lived in Aldershot. Then in the early 70's Cyril's work took him to Great Yarmouth so they bought a house in Gorleston for a while, moving back to Spalding when he retired.

Christine's dad, Alan DeCamps, died in 1973, but her mum, Ruth, celebrated her 90th birthday early in 2002.

Life has been full of the usual ups and downs, and John and Chris are now considering what shape the next chapter in their lives is to take, now that John has turned 60.

If you're into genealogy, I have produced a simple list of our family tree here. I am keen to do more work on it, but as the years go by there are less and less relatives to talk to about it. If you've anything to add, please let me know, I would be very grateful.

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